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Huge 1913 Estate in Pas Hits Market For First Time in 90 Years

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Designed by Fredrick "Millionaire's Architect" Roehrig, this enormous 1913 Oak Knoll estate doesn't do things by halves; it does them by twos. Two kitchens (indoor and outdoor), both a media room and screening room, library and home office. It does things by other numbers, too: seven bedrooms and fireplaces, 14 bathrooms, parking for 31, and one measly elevator in its 17,824 square feet. It's been in the same family for over 90 years but has recently finished a multiyear "dramatic renovation," which left plenty of period details. So in addition to all that wood paneling, you'll find an exercise room, sauna (with a table in it!), wine cellar, and bar, plus a saltwater pool and room for a tennis court. The 1.68-acre property is asking $17.3 million.
· 1239 S. El Molino Ave. [Official Site]