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Shrunken 1111 Wilshire Apartment Already About a Third Filled

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Skeptics may be skeptical, but City West really seems to be happening. The neighborhood once called Downtown's Jersey has nearly 900 new (or newish) residential units by Downtown News's reckoning, including the recently opened 1111 Wilshire. Once planned as a 30-story tower, before the downturn got in the way, the seven-story apartment building has 210 studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, renting for between $1,570 and $4,200 a month. Developed by Holland Partners (who are the ones behind the 642-unit development scheduled to break ground around the corner in 2014), the building has amenities like a rooftop pool/spa/barbecue area, two-level gym, media room, and bike storage. The developers say they expect the building to fill up by September; two months in it's about 30 percent occupied.