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Mixed-Use Apts. Proposed for Sad Stretch of Sunset by La Brea

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A rather unlovely stretch of Sunset Boulevard west of La Brea may be getting a little sprucing up with a mixed-use development. It's a rather modest project as these things go--six stories total with 44 mostly three-bedroom apartments over a restaurant on the ground floor, with a courtyard and roof deck, and 118 parking spaces underground (including 29 for the restaurant). But with both a library and a big strip mall across the street, who needs to drive?! The building would take the place of a small office building, a four-unit apartment building, and a single family house. The developer is seeking zoning variances, since the two lots that would be used are zoned differently. There's no timeline yet, and it's still early days for the project--the application was only just received by the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, and hasn't yet been scheduled for their Planning and Land Use Management Committee.
· 7120-7130 Sunset Blvd and 1440 N. Detroit [HHWNC]