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New 405 Lane Now Opening in Pieces, Tour Neutra and Kappe

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WEST LA: The 405 Freeway widening project may be way behind schedule and over budget, but hey, a bright spot: 1.7 miles of the new northbound carpool lane, between the 10 and Santa Monica Boulevard, will open this Friday (everyone will be allowed in for now, not just carpoolers). The main point of the project--source of Carmageddon--is to add 10 miles of new carpool lane. The new plan is to open the new lanes in installments; 1.4 miles up to Wilshire will open next month, and the northernmost stretch should open "later this year," according to County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky's website. Sadly, "The middle segment, where most of the delays have occurred, is slated to open in 2014." [ZY, image via]

SILVER LAKE/RUSTIC CANYON: All the preservation-crazy folks (modern house owners, architects, enthusiasts) are invited to a workshop tomorrow with Cal Poly Pomona Professor Lauren Bricker, which includes tours of both the Neutra VDL Research House in Silver Lake and the stunning house Ray Kappe built for himself in Rustic Canyon. A whole bunch of experts will be on hand, including Kappe, architect Leo Marmol, and Kyle Normandin of the Getty Conservation Institute, and excitingly, "Particular attention will be placed on issues associated with roof systems and reinforced concrete." All the information is here. [Curbed Inbox]