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New Look For Chinatown's Blossom Plaza as It Officially Begins

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There was a ceremonial groundbreaking (shovels in dirt, forced smiles, cameras, a lion dancer routine, etc.) held yesterday for the big Blossom Plaza mixed-user in Chinatown and it's been a long time coming for this project, which suffered blows dealt by the recession and the death of the state's redevelopment agencies. But it's now a go and real construction begins in August. When finished in two years, Blossom Plaza will have "240 housing units -- 53 of them for low-income individuals -- along with 20,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, a 17,000-square-foot plaza and 392 parking spaces," the Downtown News reports. Developer Forest City Residential West and architect Johnson Fain displayed this new rendering at yesterday's event, depicting a more ... colorful project than previously rendered. On the plus side, Forest City will build a walkway/plaza over a parking garage that will connect the elevated Gold Line station, adjacent to the development, with Broadway.
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Blossom Plaza

900 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA