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Inside United Talent Agency's Insane New Theater (and Offices)

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[Images via Rottet Studio]

Did you know that, in its old offices, talent agency United Talent Agency didn't even have a screening room? How did they hold onto any clients?? Well, that's all fixed--and HOW--at their new headquarters in the Beverly Hills Civic Center (formerly the Hilton Hotels HQ), which were overhauled by Rottet Studio last year. The full 130,000-square-foot reno cost about $30 million and includes all kinds of fanciness, as detailed by the LA Times, but the theater is the crown jewel (this is the new trend among people with money to burn!). Here's the ridiculous amenity roundup, agency-style:

-- UTA has already held 275 screenings in the theater since it opened last September (with client Judd Apatow's This Is 40). They also show football games for employees and provide video game systems.
-- One A/V expert estimates UTA spent "as much as $4.7 million" on the theater. He says "For an agency, it's probably the best screening room that exists."
-- The theater is totally digital and has 3D projection (unlike those other agencies); the screen is 14.25 by 28.5 feet. (It has a Barco 4K projector and audio by Meyer Sound, if you're into that kind of thing.)
-- It seats 165 "in plush banquettes" and "features muted colors, warm LED lighting and fabric-covered walls."
-- The offices also include a 158 piece art collection; the screening room has an Annie Leibovitz portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that comes from head Jeremy Zimmer's private collection.
-- To perfectly calibrate the sound, A/V consultant Cibola Systems created a 3D model of the theater, down to the frame on the Leibovitz photo.
-- "[T]he entrance to the screening room is easily accessible from the talent agency's subterranean valet area because it was important that clients coming to screenings be shielded from prying paparazzi."
· United Talent Agency shoots for the stars with new screening room [LAT]