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KTown's Wilshire/Hobart Lot Could Finally See Mixed-Use Action

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As Koreatown densifies around its three subway stations, the abandoned 2.2-acre lot at Wilshire and Hobart appears more and more conspicuous. After numerous failed proposals, another developer is taking a stab at filling the space: the LA Planning Department is fielding a developer request for construction of a mixed-use project with 378 condos and 4,000 square feet of retail, along with a 4,000-square-foot restaurant.The developer, through his attorney, is seeking area, height, yard, and building line concessions for the plot (meaning something other than what the zoning allows). The Wilshire/Hobart lot was once the site of proposed skyscraper projects that all fell through during the recession (one of the old renderings is pictured); later, residents clamored for some green space in this severely park-poor neighborhood. Even though the city bought part of the lot in 2010 with intentions of building a mini-park, the space remains desolate.
· City Buys Part of 3670 Wilshire Boulevard for New Koreatown Park [Curbed LA]