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Candy Spelling Won't Be Evicted From $28k Carlyle Condo

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You can end your vigil: Candy Spelling still has a home. A $28,000 luxury condo home. Spelling (the widow of mega-television-producer Aaron Spelling) has been living in Westwood's fancy Carlyle building while she awaits renovation on her $35-million penthouse at The Century, but in February she and her landlord sued each other--the landlord claimed she'd overstayed her lease and had to get out, she claimed she had a deal to stay on (and that the landlord sucked). Now a judge has dismissed the eviction lawsuit, finding "that Mrs. Spelling had properly extended the lease term at the condominiums and was legally remaining in the premises," according to a statement we found in our inbox. Now her lawyers intend to go after the landlord to pay her legal bills. Meanwhile, no word on Spelling's legal war with The Century--she wants a discount on her unfinished condo because the building's restaurant didn't open on time.
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