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Project Formerly Known as Sunset Millennium Starting Soon On Four Towers in WeHo

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If you'd been holding your breath since we last reported movement on the Sunset Millennium project, well, you'd be dead by now. Phase one of the development kicked off in the 1990s (the H&M on Sunset), and in 2011 the project--with its unbuilt hotel and condo towers on the south side of Sunset, straddling La Cienega--sold to local developers CIM. They've been working with West Hollywood to modify the project (now called Sunset|La Cienega), including reducing the building height, and the final designs (pdf) are going before the city council tonight. They now call for two 10-story hotel towers with a combined 296 rooms and one eight- and one nine-story condo tower for a total of 190 residential units, West Hollywood planning manager John Keho tells us. The planning commission's design review subcommittee blessed the project after their desire to see "more architectural flash" and enhanced "monumentality, verticality, and iconic presence" was fulfilled.
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