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9 Boozy, Sexy, Silly Amenities at the Residences at W Hollywood

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The nutso $45-million penthouse at the Residences at W Hollywood will have some ridiculous amenities if anyone actually buys the place and it's built out (a 250-person ballroom, 17 valet spaces). But what about the residents in the 85 units the W has actually sold? Is there anything nice for them to enjoy? To answer the most pressing question of our Monday is this oddly-named brochure "51 things home can do," a list of perks available to all W residents (especially the ones who like to drink pretty much all the time). Here are nine things home (defined as "the W") can do for you:

-- "Head to the roof. Light the fireplace. Open. Pour. Savor the moment."
-- "Stake out your spot in the living room. Do deals. Score leads. Line up gigs. Play catch up. Just you, your laptop, and a nice Don Julio, neat."
-- "Savor German or Italian design without leaving your kitchen. Or bath. Or closet."
-- "Chill. You have your own doorman to greet family, friends, associates."
-- "Transcendent aftershocks from spa session last night."
-- "Rise and shine whenever. Breakfast 24/7."
-- "Revisit the Kama Sutra together on your wenge-stained plank hardwood flooring."
-- "Mimosas and screenplay, Sunday morning, on your terrace."
-- "Bebop inspired jam session next door. Parker meets Monk meets W."
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