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Exclusive: Urban Outfitters Rehabbing DTLA's Rialto Theatre

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The rumors of an Urban Outfitters moving into the historic Rialto Theatre on Broadway have been revealed to be true--the retailer confirms to Curbed that a lease has been signed. The Philly-based chain plans to restore the "longest existing historic marquee in Los Angeles, while rebuilding and adapting the building's interior." The fully-functioning store will open by the end of the year and feature a "concession stand-inspired cash wrap with glass fronts and tops, a projection screen, steel mesh stairs and exposed wood truss structure." The 9,830-square-foot movie theater was built in 1917, but fell on hard times before DTLA began getting its groove back in the past decade. The addition of Urban Outfitters is part of the city's 10-year Bringing Back Broadway initiative, which aims to bring the theater-lined street back to its glory days of the early-twentieth century. It's been gaining some major speed with the addition of new restaurants, hotels, retail, and a coming streetcar.

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