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Businesspeople Complain Hermosa Beach is a Trashy Mess

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Hermosa Beach residents have not been properly disposing of their cigarette butts and the Chamber of Commerce is not happy about it. Not only that, but Chamber board chairman Ken Hartley says the city is "inundated with trash and dirtiness," which is unsanitary, smelly, and embarrassing to local businesses. Way harsh, buddy! Speaking on behalf of the organization's 300 members, the Daily Breeze says Hartley worries the beach town's "grime" is making a bad impression on visitors, and wants the council to get serious about picking up trash and cleaning up graffiti. The council has acknowledged things have been a bit of a mess, though one councilmember thinks that the responsibility to keep things tidy rests with the whole community. "Ultimately, whether it's litter on the plaza, The Strand, the beach or elsewhere, we all could be more mindful of how we leave shared open space."
· Hermosa Beach chamber prods city to address downtown grime, trash [DB]