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Video Game LA to Have Paparazzi and Yoga, Zipcar Hits LAX

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LOS SANTOS: Kotaku got a preview of Grand Theft Auto V, which is set in a fictionalized Los Angeles called Los Santos (it's scheduled to come out in September). Gaming nerds will geek on being able to jump between the game's three main characters, but as Los Angeles nerds we're geeking on its enormous open world (bigger than the worlds of GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, and Red Dead Redemption combined), which even extends underwater and has its own weather system (72 degrees and sunny?). It'll also have a playable nine-hole golf course (trailers have shown the Los Angeles Country Club), a mission involving a paparazzi-hounded actress, and of course a "yoga mini-game." A stroll down GTAV's Vinewood Boulevard will bring you "past a ranting actress, past impersonators dressed in super-hero costumes, and past a tour bus that the Rockstar guys said would have taken [character] Michael on a tour of the homes of the game's sleazy celebrities." Nailed it. [Kotaku]

WESTCHESTER: The Zipcar car sharing service is now arriving at LAX (and seven other airports across the US): "A wide variety of Zipcars, including Mazda 3's, Toyota Prius and Ford Focus models, are located in Zipcar-branded parking spaces adjacent to the Avis Car Rental pick-up facility at each participating airport." Cars start at $9 to $12 an hour or $69 to $89 a day, depending on the location and other factors. [Curbed Inbox]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045