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Southwest Glendale Heating Up: Five-Story Mixed-Use Approved

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It looks like the under-construction Triangle building is getting a buddy in the neglected southern corner of Glendale: meet The Link, which will be built on a one-acre site at the corner of San Fernando Road and Central Avenue. According to the Glendale News-Press, it's a five-story 142-unit building with commercial space on the ground floor. The project, which was just approved by the Glendale City Council, will replace the Solar Studios building, but the company--which provides studio space for commercials and music videos--will move back in when work is complete. The owner of Solar Studios says that the new building "will help his business by providing more parking, higher ceilings and better acoustics," although its general manager is wary.

"I think a little more study on what the impact might be might benefit us. I'm not opposed, I'm just very skeptical. It seems like there's a lot of greed going on." Kareco Inc. is developing the project (the owner called the neighborhood "the orphan child" of Glendale), and the city council approved it unanimously, though some council members were more enthusiastic than others. "I hope there is enough demand to fill all those units, there is an awful lot of units coming into Glendale," said Councilmember Ara Najarian. He's very right about that.
· Glendale City Council OKs project plan for San Fernando corridor [GNP]