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What Does the Death of Arts District PR Mean for Other 'Hoods?

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When the dust settled after the surprise news that the Arts District Business Improvement District had been dissolved, Downtown News followed up with a closer look at what this might mean for other BIDs, which are tasked with hyperlocal beautification and security and the like. The judge that ordered the ADBID shut down found that it had used a portion of its budget--which comes from a fee assessed to all property owners inside the District--improperly. Seventy-two percent of the group's budget went to security patrols, street cleaning services, and the like (they've removed 636 tons of trash and the security team has responded to more than 50,000 incidents since 2011) but, according to the judge, branding and promoting the Arts District does not constitute a "special benefit" that BIDs were formed to perform. But those same economic development services that the judge took issue with are activities common to all seven Downtown BIDs, and neighborhood PR is a major goal of the not-quite-formed West Hollywood BID too. Its unclear what will become of those groups--or the others across the state--in the wake of this ruling. But despite the ADBID's swift cessation, the city is mulling an appeal of the ruling. Meanwhile, we hear the dog park is back open.
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