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SaMo Approves a Scaled-Back (For Now) Expo Line Esplanade

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The Santa Monica City Council this week greenlit plans for a pedestrian Esplanade at Fourth and Colorado, the site of the terminus of the forthcoming Expo Line extension. The not-so-great news is that money problems are translating into an overall less-robust pedestrian and cycling experience at the Esplanade, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. The death of redevelopment agencies means the city had to go forward with a version of the Esplanade costing about $3 million less than originally envisioned, although the city is still $1 million short of the $10.7 million needed for the scaled-back project. What is moving forward, regardless, is the "realignment of Second and Main streets, infrastructure upgrades on Colorado Avenue between Ocean Avenue and Fourth Street and the connection between the future light rail station, the pier and the new Civic Center Parks."

Until more funds are found, improvements to nearby Fourth and Fifth Streets are on hold, as is the construction of "a triangular 1,000-square-foot section bounded by Colorado Avenue and Main Street called the Gateway Triangle." Even with no money for the $850,000 triangle unavailable at the moment, the council quarreled over its initial design, which some members found too garden-y and plant-y, when it was initially envisioned as a people-watching, hangout space.
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