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Kirk Douglas's Old Bev Hills House For Sale With Crazy Price

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This house in the flats of Beverly Hills claims to have been built in 1927, though you couldn't tell by looking at the outside (or inside)--it's had a heck of a lot of work done since Kirk Douglas called it home in the 1940s. Other things you can't tell by looking at the outside: it's got five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, high-performing glass walls throughout that "set the tone of elegance & function" (though there's a lot of exposed brick, too); the custom design includes "a most remarkable chef's kitchen," and it has "the most incredible free standing full guest house." There's a pool and tennis court on the grounds, and the house has solar panels, "electric skylights," and many high tech features. It sits on just over one acre of land, which must be the justification for the eye-watering price. You ready for this? It's on the market for $17 million.
· 707 N. Canon Drive [Hilton & Hyland]