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Mapping LA's Bike Commuting Habits By Neighborhood

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Today is Bike to Work Day in Los Angeles (bikers ride free on Metro!) and we know already that the region has a fairly healthy community of bike commuters--0.8 percent of workers biked to work in 2011, compared to 0.6 percent nationally, according to US Census data (that's the most recent available). But some areas lend themselves to bike commuting more than others and the Curbed stats nerds have put together a clickable map showing which neighborhoods are biking to work the most (and the least--there are plenty of those)--darker sections mean a higher percentage of residents bike commute. There are no broad overall trends, but there are some fairly predictable hotspots: USC, Venice, Canoga Park, parts of Pasadena. (And compare to the top 10 bike-friendliest neighborhoods in Los Angeles if you like.)

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