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The 5 Top Intersections For Speeding Tickets in Los Angeles

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Looking to game the speeding ticket system? One suggestion: don't speed. Or, there's also CBS2's report on the top intersections for speeding tickets issued in 2012--the list is surprisingly geographically diverse. The LAPD issued 43,426 speeding tickets last year; of those, 1,605 come from La Brea near Coliseum Street, on the way out of the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area/Baldwin Hills. The area has been a problem in the past, which is why it's an LAPD target, but one traffic attorney says it's bogus to ticket people as they're coming down a hill: "It's chicken (expletive) to issue those types of tickets. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. It's unfair." Here are all five top ticketing locations and the number of tickets issued:

1. La Brea near Coliseum Street in Baldwin Hills (1,605)
2. Laurel Canyon and Canton Drive in the Hollywood Hills (1,241)
3. Woodman Avenue and Collins Street in Sherman Oaks (1,055)
4. Roscoe Boulevard and Nagle Avenue in Sun Valley (1,018)
5. Pacific Coast Highway and East O Street in Wilmington (814)