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Regional Connector's Bunker Hill Stop Could Get Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Link-Up

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The Regional Connector line, a nearly two-mile-long subway linking the Blue, Expo, and Gold lines, is in pre-construction and will start heavy-duty work next year. There's a station planned at Second and Hope, in a current traffic median behind the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the under-construction Broad Museum, and the adjacent residential tower. Sitting underneath Bunker Hill, the station will require pedestrians to schlep uphill to get to Grand Avenue and the main entrances of all the street's buildings. To address the problem, Metro is considering a second-story entrance for the station, 23 feet above Hope, with a pedestrian bridge over Hope connecting directly to Grand. This option, unfunded but still possible if an outside source ponies up the money (paging Mr. Eli Broad), would make access to Grand much easier for disabled folks and those who simply don't want to fight aggressive gravity (it would also allow those on Grand to reach the station without crossing Hope). The Regional Connector Community Leadership Council's 2nd/Hope Committee will reconvene soon to investigate funding for the bridge.
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