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Westside Donated Half of Money Raised By Mayoral Candidates

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Students at USC built a database to examine campaign contributions by zip code, and discovered something that seems far too equitable to be true: South LA, the Valley, and the Westside combined make up 70 percent of the population and account for 70 percent of campaign contributions in the mayoral election. But on closer inspection, yep, it is too good to be true: it only works out because the Westside--home to 15 percent of Angelenos--donated half of the $10 million that mayoral candidates have raised. The Valley, on the other hand, is home to every third LA resident but accounted for only 20 percent of contributions; the discrepancy in South LA is even worse. But congratulations to Northeast LA for keeping it real with the smallest variation between donations and population. If you're looking for a hint to who might win the race next week, Neon Tommy found that Valley money that had gone to candidates Kevin James and Jan Perry in the primary has been picked up by Garcetti (though Greuel has still way outraised him there).
· L.A. Mayoral Campaigns Largely Financed By Westside Donors [NT, image via]