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Bank of Venice Arriving, Foundry Facelift, Most Exciting Openings

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VENICE: The folks behind Venice Ale House are opening Bank of Venice on Friday in the former Dry Tour Wine Bar/Code space at the corner of Windward and Pacific. "Pacific Rim meets Pacific Northwest" food, with late hours every night of the week.

FAIRFAX: Melrose's popular Foundry is closing on Sunday for a makeover. They're creating a "more refined" back patio "scene," along with a completely revamped bar program. The six-year-old eatery should reopen in the summer.

LOS ANGELES: Eater's outdone itself with its list of the most anticipated spring and summer restaurant openings, from sushi to spaghetti to steak. Lots of good stuff Downtown and in Culver City, but the number one most exciting debut is in WeHo. Click here to see what everyone's salivating over.
· Eater LA [Official Site]