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Make LA More Walker-Friendly, Get Inside Google's Binoculars

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LOS ANGELES: The walkophiles at Los Angeles Walks are working on LA's first-ever pedestrian campaign, both to promote walking in LA and to encourage a more walking-friendly environment. "Hey, I'm Walking Here!" (inspired by Ratso Rizzo) would include events, merch, a free publication on walking in LA (including tips for making neighborhoods more walkable), an action day for temporary pedestrian improvements (sort of like Park[ing] Day), and a "pilot program for a urban wayfinding system that helps walkers understand how many minutes it takes to walk to nearby landmarks." LA Walks has launched a Kickstarter to raise money to fund all of this, and there are lots of neato rewards, including tickets to a dinner on June 1 held at a Rudolph Schindler remodel in Silver Lake. In short, a dedicated group of people are trying to make LA a better place to walk: yesssss. Much more here. [Curbed Inbox/Kickstarter]

VENICE: Been dying to get inside Google Los Angeles, aka the binocular building? Venice Art Walk & Auctions is holding its silent art auction there this year, plus they've also got bike tours, gallery shows, and more going on all month around the neighborhood (including a Family Fun Day outside the Google building). Things kick off Sunday with an artist studio tour into "never-before-seen studios east of Lincoln Ave. and west of Abbot Kinney Blvd." All the info's here. [Curbed Inbox]