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Historic Streamline Moderne Apartment by Plummer, Wurdeman & Becket in Windsor Village

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Netted in today's Craigslist fishing expedition is this notice of an available unit in Windsor Village's Plymouth Apartments. Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #970, the two-story, four-unit Streamline Moderne complex was built by the architectural firm of Charles Plummer, Walter Wurdeman, and Welton Becket in 1936, one year after they designed the Pan Pacific Auditorium. Per the ad (which hilariously includes an exterior photo dominated by a large tree that's fallen in the building's driveway; we added one taken by the City Project), the apartment up for grabs features "three bedrooms, two tiled baths, separate living, dining, breakfast and in-unit laundry rooms, high ceilings, period moldings, a large outdoor sunny deck space, and secured subterranean parking." Monthly rent for the pet-friendly unit is $3,200.
· $3200 / 3br - 1930s LA Historical Cultural Monument [Craigslist]