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See Richard Neutra's Incredible Desert Oyler House (and Its Awesome Boulder Pool)

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This past weekend, the Beverly Hills Film Festival featured The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat, about the 1959 post and beam house built by "working-class government employee" Richard Oyler in the tiny Inyo County town of Lone Pine. Architect Richard Neutra was already mega-famous by the late '50s, but loved the site so much that he agreed to the tiny commission and eventually developed a long-lasting friendship with Oyler. The house is currently owned by architecture-loving actress Kelly Lynch and writer/producer Mitch Glazer, who appear in the documentary along with Neutra's sons and Neutra-championing real estate agent Crosby Doe (who helped sell the house in the '70s and again in the '90s to Lynch and Glazer).

Filmmaker Mike Dorsey is the step-grandson of Richard Oyler and says in press materials that "All of my life, my step-mother and her brothers and sisters have told stories about the amazing Lone Pine, California house that they grew up in ... They talked about its stunning desert views, the open floor plan, the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the freedom of young kids running around a wild desert valley." Dorsey brought Oyler to the house to film in July 2012; he died nine weeks later. The film will screen again in the Dances With Films festival at the Chinese Theatre, which runs May 30 through June 9. Check out a clip below and find the trailer here.

Oyler House - Rock Pool from Mike Dorsey on Vimeo.

· The Oyler House: Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat - OFFICIAL TRAILER [Vimeo]