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Big Apartment Project Headed For Rundown Wilmington Stretch

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A big new 13-building residential project in Wilmington is up for approval from the City Council today and looks set to bring some real investment in a rather rundown stretch of Pacific Coast Highway. Del Lago will have 204 units in a collection of three-story buildings, plus a recreation building, 380 parking spaces, and a nice chunk of open space. The project will replace an abandoned car dealership, and sits between PCH and a golf course, which, to the untrained observer, might actually make this sound kind of glamorous (it's not). Roughly equidistant to the 110 and 710 freeways, Del Lago got a thumbs up from the Planning Commission and the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee, and it's been recommended that the Council sign off as well.

· City Council Agenda for 13 May 2013 (pdf) [LA City Clerk]