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Bev Crest's 1922 Harvey Mudd Estate Flipped For $23 Million

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The Harvey Mudd estate in Beverly Hills, which has a history lousy with boldfaced names, is looking to claw its way back to the top following some rough years. Extremely classy architect Elmer Grey designed the house in 1922 for glass manufacturer Charles Boldt (his widow later built Bel Air's Casa Encantada), but it got its name in 1925 when philanthropist/mining magnate Harvey Mudd moved in (he lived there through 1958). According to Redfin, the property was foreclosed on in 2009 after spending some time on the market asking between $7.995 million and $11.49 million. In 2010, it sold to developer Brendan Deschamps for $6.25 million and he has "spent the last three years and millions of dollars renovating and expanding the estate to nearly double its original 6,000 square feet," according to the LA Times. See before shots here.

The property has a pool, an aviary, gardens, guest studio, a conservatory, a wine cellar with tasting room, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two powder rooms. Other notable owners include Harry S. Rothschild of the Rothschild Oil Company, actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, and Flight producer Jack Rapke.

Deschamps has now listed the property for $22.995 million.