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Does Hilton Want to Contribute to the South Park Hotel Boom?

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Rumors are flying about yet another hotel on the way in South Park, where there's already a double Marriott under construction, and a neighboring Marriott, a Palihouse, a boutique hotel, and something or other on the way. Brigham Yen hears that Hilton has designs on a surface parking lot at the southeast corner of Olympic and Grand, "adjacent to the infamous and now defunct Crash Mansion night club." The lot was on the market last year, selling itself as "a potential residential or hotel development site," with the opportunity to build up to 33 stories with 25,000 square feet of groundfloor retail. A Hilton there would certainly break up the current Marriott dominance in South Park.
· Rumor Mill: Hilton Buying Downtown LA Parking Lot for Future South Park Hotel [Brigham Yen]