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Amazing Comedian Kickstartered Money to Skywrite This Stupid Message Over DTLA

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In probably the best use of Kickstarter to date, comedian Kurt Braunohler raised $6,820 to hire a skywriter to write "HOW DO I LAND?" over Downtown. If you're the kind of jerk who asks "why?" about this kind of thing, here's what he had to say about it: "Skywriting is crazy. We're forcing clouds to say things. That's inherently funny. How great would it be to look up one day and there's a message in the sky, for no other reason other than itself. It's not trying to sell you anything, it's not trying to tell you something. It's just there ... I think that if there's a way we can, just for a fleeting moment, give strangers an unexpected gift of absurdity, then I think we can make the world a slightly better place."
· Kurt Braunohler's Cloud Project [Kickstarter]