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LA's 10 Most Bike-Friendly 'Hoods Are Mostly on the Westside

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It's Bike to Work Week this week (consider biking to work!) and Walk Score has released its rankings of the most bikeable large cities in the country. Not at all surprisingly, Portland tops the list and Los Angeles (with a score of 54 out of 100) doesn't even crack the top 10, but there are still some pretty bikeable neighborhoods here. (The scores are based on "a data set that includes bike infrastructure, hilly terrain, number of bikers on streets and more.") Crazily enough, almost all of them are on the Westside--perhaps it's the flatness? Whatever it is, here's the top 10 list of LA's most bike-friendly neighborhoods:

10. Mar Vista: 67
9. Playa Vista: 67
8. West LA: 69
7. Downtown: 69
6. Del Rey: 70
5. Palms: 71
4. Sawtelle: 71
3. Valley Village: 73
2. West Adams: 77
1. Venice: 78
· Portland Tops New Bike Score Ranking [Walk Score]