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Here's the $30 Million House and Vineyard Rupert Murdoch Just Bought in Bel Air

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Australian propagandist Rupert Murdoch is coming to town to take over production of our wine and our news--well, the news thing is just a rumor, but he is (as mentioned over the weekend) actually buying a property that includes "the only commercial vineyard in Los Angeles," the 13-acre Moraga Vineyards in Bel Air. Murdoch tweet-confirmed the purchase on Friday: "About to celebrate buying beautiful small vineyard right in LA. Great wine, Moraga, owned by great Angelino, Tom Jones. Time cover,1961!" Jones is the ex-CEO of Northrop Grumman; he and his wife had owned Moraga since 1959. According to the LA Times, the property also once belonged to Gone With the Wind/Wizard of Oz director Victor Fleming. Today it includes a three-bedroom main house, a guesthouse, an office building, and a wine cave. It hit the market in February asking $29.5 million, but it's not yet known what Murdoch paid.
· Ex-Northrop CEO's Moraga Vineyards Property in Bel Air Hits the Market Asking $29.5 Million [Curbed LA]