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Lots of New Condos Coming to Rolling Hills Estates

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It's not just hotel developers shaking off the recession blues: sleepy Rolling Hills Estates also wants in on the revived housing market, says the Daily Breeze, and is looking to bring back the home building plan it shelved six years ago. Work on two Deep Valley Drive projects approved in 2008 could start this summer, and tomorrow the city council is considering a new eight-acre mixed use development that would bring shops and condos to a site surrounding the Brick Walk retail development. All together, they would add 281 condos to the city. Residents are nervous that all that new housing will bring new traffic to neighboring areas, but this newest project has one major thing going for it: the developer would also stabilize a 1997 landslide "that remains covered in black plastic to this day, an ugly civic embarrassment," according to the DB. It's also hoped that the new developments would bolster the businesses nearby that have struggled with the lack of immediate neighbors. As for demand, the realtor who is selling the first two projects (and is the son of the developer) predicts great things: "I saw thousands and thousands of people who came through our sales office who wanted to buy and live in Palos Verdes. The problem is there's no product available."
· Developers revive plans for new homes near Brick Walk in Rolling Hills Estates [DB]