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LACMA's Mobile Art/Film Lab Touring Redlands to Torrance

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[Rendering of the LACMA9 Art + Film Lab, 2013, (c) Jorge Pardo Sculpture]

REDLANDS, ETC.: LACMA is reaching out to some under-art-and-film-served communities with its new LACMA9 Art + Film Lab, which will hit Redlands, San Bernardino, Altadena, Monterey Park, Hacienda Heights, Montebello, Compton, Inglewood, and Torrance in a temporary structure designed by artist Jorge Pardo. LACMA9 will set up shop for five weeks in each location and offer free programming, including "hands-on art and filmmaking workshops, weekly outdoor film screenings, and the gathering of oral histories from community members." It kicks off June 7 in Redlands. [Curbed Inbox]

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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