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Reopening Date Announced For Spruced-Up Echo Park Lake

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After two years of draining and rehabbing and planting and building, Echo Park Lake officially reopens on June 15, it was announced today (a little later than the originally-promised May). The 13-acre lake (which accompanies 16 acres of open space) will feature "Landscape improvements, natural banks for the lake, new sidewalks, a play area, improved lighting, a board walk and restoration of the park's historic boathouse and 'Lady of the Lake' statue," according to a press release. The lake closed for business in 2011 after California deemed it an "impaired body of water" (way harsh). The rehab will also "help remedy stormwater and urban runoff pollution to meet state water quality standards, not only helping the surrounding and 'downstream' environment, but allowing for the lake's iconic lotus flowers to once again bloom." Here's what you need to know about the reborn lake--fishing rules, island access, Lady of the Lake location, and more. We'll have a full tour soon but meanwhile an Eastsider LA reader recently snuck in for some candids.
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Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA