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Big LA River Restoration Plans Probably Going to Take Forever

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Over at the Architect's Newspaper, Sam Lubell takes a look at the delays holding up the LA River's transformation from concrete-sided flood channel to navigable river. A state bill changed its official designation, but that concrete doesn't look likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. The problem? The Army Corps of Engineers (the genius crew who covered it in concrete in the first place) needs to finish its feasibility study on restoring 11 miles of river before work can begin. Which sounds entirely sensible, but they've been working on the thing since 2006. They've now gotten a cash infusion and say they'll finish it this year, but Carol Armstrong, director of the Los Angeles River Project Office for the city's Bureau of Engineering, is doubtful. She says the LA branch of the Corps is on board, but that there's little support for the project in Washington: "They'd rather add acres to the everglades instead of changing a concrete channel in LA." As for development surrounding the river, well, it's a "bureaucratic nightmare," requiring coordination across eight council districts and 10 area general plans. And then there's the funding...
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