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City Has Half a Plan for Buying Empty Grand Park-Adjacent Lot, Turning It Into a Park

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According to Downtown News, there's a good news/bad news situation brewing with the Grand Park-adjacent vacant lot that's become home to a feral cat colony and a whole bunch of graffiti. On the one hand, the city of LA has a tentative plan to buy the land from the state for $7.5 million and has identified funding for the purchase. There's even money available to clear the site and get rid of its unsafe underground parking garage (which at one point was used as underground housing by a group of homeless people). But then there's no money to turn all that dirt into an actual park. Oh well, nothing's perfect, right? DN tried to find out what the city intends to do with no budget, but "a Recreation and Parks spokesperson declined to comment on the plans for the site, pending the ongoing negotiations." (Meanwhile, there were suggestions at one point that the County buy the lot and build an annex for Grand Park.)
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