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County Preservation Effort Could Save East LA Tamale Building

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Good news for fans of programmatic architecture and tamale-lovers everywhere: County Supervisor Gloria Molina is on board with efforts to protect the giant tamale building in East LA that was put up for sale last week. SCPR posted an email from Molina to Richard Schave at Esotouric saying that she's working on an ordinance that would protect the historic building and others like it on unincorporated county land (unclear if this is the same ordinance that's been in the works for a while). "If enacted, this ordinance will preserve this noteworthy edifice for future generations to enjoy, and the property owner will receive tax credits to be utilized for the structure's maintenance." The hitch is that protecting the building would require support from its owner, and since its currently for sale that may be hard to come by, though Molina's staff is trying. Meanwhile, the property's Redfin listing is still active, but the seller's pulled the pictures of the tamale and small house behind it.
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