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City West Residents Need a Ped-Friendly Route to Downtown

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Over at DTLA Rising, Brigham Yen worries that the sorry state of the 110 freeway overpasses along Wilshire Boulevard and Seventh Street are holding back the not-quite-booming neighborhood of City West. The area's seen some newish residential development befitting its proximity to the Financial District and pricey Old Bank District--1111 Wilshire and 1100 Wilshire, for instance--but the bars and restaurants have not followed. And while they can be found a short walk away, over the 110, Yen says "it's not a secret that many City West residents view the short walk as "unpleasant" and even "a chore" due to the poor condition of the overpasses," in particular the scary-low guard rails. How to make the overpass a bit more pedestrian friendly? Raise the railings! Add some planters! Slap up some art! City West residents must not be kept from their Target.
· Ideas for Downtown LA: Minor Tweaks to 110 Overpasses Will Encourage Pedestrian Activity [DTLA Rising]

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