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Playboy's Girls Next Door Bunny Hutch in Holmby Hills Asking $11 Million

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Zoinks, gang--there seems to be a lot of real estate activity afoot on Mapleton Drive this week. Along with Casey and Jean Kasem's not-so-humble abode, also hitting the market is the mid-century ranch near the Playboy Mansion that has housed untold numbers of Playboy Bunnies. Often seen on the E! show The Girls Next Door, the 6,690 square foot home features five bedrooms, six and a half baths, a "formal" dining room, game/lounge room with bar, and a Fudgie the Whale-shaped swimming pool with "cascading rock waterfall." Purchased for $4.5 million in 2001, the 1.3-acre property is now asking an even $11 million.
· 333 S. Mapleton Dr [Estately]