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House Shopping With the Billionaire Ecclestone Sisters

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The real estate one-upmanship of the billionaire British Ecclestone sisters--heiresses to the Formula 1 racing forture--caught the attention of the New York Times today, which chronicles their insane sibling rivalry-fueled house shopping exploits. Younger sister Petra Ecclestone (now Petra Stunt) paid $85 million for The Manor, Aaron Spelling's former Holmby Hills estate, back in 2011. Older sister Tamara struck back with her $150,000 a month rental in Bel Air, while shopping for a suitably immoderate home of her own. The NYT read a bunch of TMZ and talked with the agents who have worked with the sisters, and here's the best of what they had to say:

Tamara's thoughts on the $95 million Disney estate: "One broker familiar with her search said Ms. Ecclestone thought the Brener home was too small. 'She liked the grounds but found the house not grand enough.'"

Tamara again, who looked at the Beverly Hills compound Ryan Seacrest bought from Ellen DeGeneres: "It was different."

What Petra's husband James Stunt told their agent before they saw The Manor: "You are not getting it, we want a better house."

And what that agent thought of working with Mr. and Mrs. Stunt: "They didn't give me a great deal of direction" and "I was just guessing. It was hard."

Tamara on what she's hoping to buy: "A contemporary house on a big piece of land, brokers said. 'Lots of outdoor space,' she said to a TMZ reporter who asked for her wish list, as she was whisked away in a convertible from one mansion. 'So my dogs can play.'"
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The Manor

594 South Mapleton Drive, , CA 90024