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City Could Dump ZipCar, Hook Up with Hertz

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The city's paltry car sharing services could get an upgrade, reports Streetsblog. The LA Department of Transportation is expected to recommend to the City Council transportation committee on Wednesday it sign a five-year exclusive contract with Hertz, which offers car sharing services in cities like New York, Miami, and San Diego. Currently, Zipcar is the city's official car share service--which allows people to rent cars for short amounts of time and is useful for the car-less and one-car families--and it provides a whopping 40 cars in LA, mostly around USC and UCLA. If Hertz gets the contract, they promise to provide 200 cars in the city in the next six months and 1,000 by 2018. Hertz would compensate the city for free parking spaces and include LA in a revenue-sharing program that could fatten city coffers. The available cars would be in the area's densest areas like DTLA, Westwood, Venice, and Koreatown.

Some price comparisons:

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