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Schindler's No-Parking DeKeyser Duplex Flipped in the Hills

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The 1935 DeKeyser duplex, designed by Rudolph Schindler, came on the market in late 2011 and sold in late 2012 for $906,776 in a multi-property sale (most likely with the adjacent vacant lot). Now it's back with a not-terribly-attractive new paint job, a built-in couch reupholstering, and perhaps other work. What it still doesn't have is any parking, even on the street--"Access is by a 5 foot wide walkway easement" (it is, however, close to the Red Line). The building includes a two-bedroom unit with "a living room with a fireplace, a dining area and walls of glass with lots of ambient light" and an occupied unit with "a living room with a fireplace and a classic style kitchen." Asking price now, which includes the extra lot, is $820,000.
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