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Expo Line Artists Chosen as Supreme Court Hearing Scheduled

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Metro has chosen eight artists (out of 400 applicants) to design the art for the seven stations on the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica, The Source reports (full list of artists is down below). Metro's art program devotes one half of one percent of rail construction costs to the creation of original artworks at all its rail stations, "while strong support has been demonstrated by municipal and corporate contributions of over $1.5 million," according to the transit agency's site. In other Expo news, the California Supreme Court announced yesterday they will finally hear arguments on May 7 in the never-ending lawsuit between the light rail and a group of Westside homeowners. The group, called Neighbors for Smart Rail, claims Expo's environmental impact report violated the California Environmental Quality Act by studying future traffic impacts of street-level crossings rather than present ones. NFSR has lost in two lower courts, but hope they have a chance with the supremes, though the high court already rejected their request to halt construction on the 6.6-mile extension.

Here are the Expo extension artists: Shizu Saldamando, Abel Alejandre, Susan Logoreci, Nzuji de Magalhaes, Constance Mallinson, Carmen Argote, Judithe Hernandez, and Walter Hood.
· Eight artists selected to create art for Expo Line Phase 2 stations [The Source]