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Lautner House in Malibu Back on the Market With $1MM Chop

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This early 1970s John Lautner-designed house in Malibu was first listed back in July asking $15.9 million, and is back again after taking nearly a million dollar price chop. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom Garwood Residence is not one of Lautner's most impressive, and the commenter who dubbed it a "Jurassic Park Hunting Lodge" may have been on to something. Heck, even the Realtor blog can't muster much excitement, noting the "Lautner-standard walls of glass" before moving on to "[the] best features are clearly found outside the home." The house is on Grayfox Street overlooking the beach at Little Dume and has "jungle gardens, a pebble-stone pool and an outdoor master steam room and rain shower." Latest asking price is $14.995 million.
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