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Old-Timey Denim in Eagle Rock, Gwyneth's Family Day at The Grove, 38 Essential LA Shops For Spring

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EAGLE ROCK: Racked took a day trip to Eagle Rock to visit the workshop, store, and general HQ of throwback denim brand Rising Sun Co.. Mustachioed founder and designer Mike Hodis has stocked the space with black head sewing machines and plays '20s and '30s tunes to add to the old-school vibe. "You walk in and you are part of the experience," he said.

THE GROVE: Earlier this week, the uber-fit and tan Gwyneth Paltrow paid a visit to The Grove Barnes & Noble for a signing of her new cookbook, It's All Good. She brought along her children Apple and Moses, as well as husband Chris Martin, who entertained the kids while Paltrow smiled and signed.

CITYWIDE: The Racked 38 essential LA shops list has been updated for spring. Click over for new additions like Topshop, General Store, and Isabel Marant.
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