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New Campaign Launched to Give East Hollywood Some Love

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Finally, redheaded stepchild East Hollywood is getting some much-needed attention. Everyone moves there when they first come to town (about 64 percent of residents are under 40), but then they realize it's full of stucco and Scientology and move on to the greener pastures of Melrose or Echo Park or Downtown, forgetting EaHo's excellent location, great Thai food, and crappy charm. But! A group of USC students (with the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council) has created the I Am East Hollywood campaign "with the purpose of generating awareness of East Hollywood's abundant ethnic communities, historical sites, and eclectic establishments." The students have been documenting the neighborhood (and of course Facebooking, Twittering, Instagramming it all) and they've arranged an I Am East Hollywood Day for April 26 (discounts for locals, community events, etc.). They're hoping both to "foster a sense of unity among the diverse ethnic and cultural groups in East Hollywood" and to "aid the economic development of East Hollywood's local establishments and expose the community to available resources to better the general quality of life."

· I Am East Hollywood [Official Site]