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Patty Duke/Sharon Tate House in Bev Crest Sells For $5.65MM

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It took a couple years, but Patty Duke's old house on Summitridge Drive has finally sold, and above its most recent asking price. That market sure is heating up! Duke owned the house from 1966 to 1970, from the end of her Patty Duke Show high and into her Valley of the Dolls low. She also rented the five-bedroom house to VofD costar Sharon Tate; she wrote in her autobiography, "Sharon Tate later rented it for a while when she first got pregnant, and she and Roman Polanski wanted to buy it." (Instead, they moved onto Cielo Drive, where Tate was murdered in 1969.) The house, built in 1942, first came on the market in March 2011 asking $6.5 million. It was later chopped to $5.395 million and just sold, according to Redfin, for $5.65 million.
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