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Someone at LADOT Wants a Monorail to Dodger Stadium

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A new post about Dodger Stadium traffic on County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's website really buries the lead: the Department of Transportation is pro-monorail. Well, at least one guy is. Asked for a long-term solution to the perennial problem of traffic before and after Dodger games, Aram Sahakian replied "my personal recommendation would be a monorail." The rest of the post deals with the Dodger Stadium Express, the rather more quotidian bus that runs between Union Station and Chavez Ravine, and its dedicated lane on Sunset. Ridership is up on the express bus, but traffic has still been a nightmare on game days. To improve matters, Sahakian has proposed letting carpoolers use the bus lane, and using the city's newly-synced traffic lights to help out before every home game (as they did on opening day). And then we should totally build a monorail.
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