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Crazy Colorful Multi-Angled Modern in Highland Park

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It's a seller's market and Highland Park is hot these days, yet this house has sat on the market for a month now. Could it be the giant bug on the front lawn that's putting buyers off? Or is it the blurry listing photos that aren't quite selling it? Who can tell. After all, the listing isn't lying when it calls this a "one of a kind property" with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, lots of skylights, and exposed beams, and it was once featured on the HGTV show What's With That House? One might call the use of shape and color Mondrianesque, and HGTV did call it the most "multi-angled modern ever constructed." Built in 1934, the "architectural design" was done in 2001 and can be yours for $510,000.
· 331 South Avenue 52 [Redfin]