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DTLA Special: Vibiana's Getting a Resto, King Eddy Speakeasy Reborn, Soho House Rumormongering

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CIVIC CENTER/LITTLE TOKYO: The 1876 Saint Vibiana's Cathedral is definitely getting a restaurant, Eater reports. Few details yet except for a name, a date, and an acquired liquor license: Redbird should open in late 2013.

HISTORIC CORE: Eater has pics galore of the under-construction lounge being built in the former speakeasy underneath the King Edward Hotel and its famous and enduring bar, the King Eddy Saloon. It'll be about a year before the new lounge opens underneath Fifth and Los Angeles, but you can expect a new bar and a pool table--and hopefully some of the unearthed 1930s knick-knacks will remain.

DOWNTOWN: There's a strong rumor that Soho House, the private club/power nexus with an outpost atop the 9200 Sunset building, is expanding into DTLA. No confirmations from the owners, but they provided this quote: "Soho house hopes to open another club in Los Angeles and downtown is certainly an exciting option."
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